About Us

We have spent a considerable amount of time to make the Kelemen amplifiers sound awesome and look incredible…We hope you will agree.

I have always been a gear head, modifying my guitar equipment since the 70's, and have always been looking for the ultimate guitar gear. I finally decided to put some effort into creating my own line of amplifiers which would satisfy my desire for great tone…you know…that tone you are probably searching for !

I have been seriously building amps since 1994 when I founded my original JoMama guitar amp line. These amplifiers: the "Blues Special" & the "Kelemen - Reverb 45" were combos with a 12" & a 10" speaker. They were well received, sounded great and except for a few chassis are sold out. I have been constantly prototyping and am very active in the local blues jams and local music scene. My current amplifiers were born out of the real-world club scene where great tones are essential at realistic volumes. I listened to working musicians who also wanted an amplifier that was light-weight and produced a variety of clean and saturated tones. My current line of all tube amp heads weigh in at approximately 20 lbs and can be matched with our 2x12 cabinet or your favorite rig to produce tones with incredible texture.

JoMama - Reverb 45 turret & phenolic board construction

Kelemen - KR-35 - terminal strip point-to-point construction

The Kelemen KR-35 & KR-25S heads are all hand-built using well thought out terminal strip and point to point construction methods. Grid runs are kept to an absolute minimum, and high quality components are used throughout. We pay attention to the details… after each build the caps are slowly formed, the preamp tubes are selected from a wide array of 9-pin bottles, and the power tubes are burned in to make sure each amp sounds great. In short we care enough to know what counts when it comes to a first class quality amplifier and build each & every one of them as if it was going to be ours. You deserve the best and that's what we strive for.

If you have any questions or would like to get on our build schedule please drop us a line. I would be proud to have one of my amplifiers be a part of your musical spirit.

Joe Kelemen

Sunset from the back of our shop in Santa Fe, NM


Hand Built point-to-point all tube guitar amplification